You can book the following services with Per Erez at first person healing arts studio, Chicago.

Private Yoga Therapy

These sessions utilize all the tools of the yoga tradition, beginning with the physical, energetic, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual components of how Yoga impacts human life. 

Ayur Yoga + Tantra consultations 

A specialty crafted and tailored series of 5 programs that blends Tantric lifestyle and Yoga based components of Ayurvedic sciences into a practice for embodied holistic living.

Yoga Teacher mentoring

Explicitly designed for novice teachers recently certified, or those interested in preparing for a beginning level formal yoga training programs accredited by the Yoga Alliance. 

Somatic movement explorations

Somatic Yoga with simple hands-on support to develop deeper nervous system tone, body awareness, and palpable mindfulness.  Gentle hands-on assist cue developmental movement patterns that reveal chronic muscular armoring. The session strengthens the sensory-motor awareness in places where body-based amnesia has set in and may be offered on a massage table as well as floor-based.

Butoh dance sessions

Butoh explorations and exercises are a way to deeply attune to body as a messenger of the unconscious. As opposed to learning how to dance specific steps, the natural and authentic underlying movement already in-born is brought forth through simple guided suggestions. This work may include music or other sounds to deepen the experience. You can book one session and organise further sessions afterwards if desired.

Yoga Nidra sessions

A practice of tantric meditation as its basis, yoga nidra, is the entry way for many to support the body and learn how to access and claim subtler levels of awareness for wellness and profound insight.