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These sessions utilize all the tools of the yoga tradition, beginning with the physical, energetic, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual components of how Yoga impacts human life. You can see more information such as location and duration below by clicking on the see info or book now button.


Private Yoga Therapy (Online Offering)

What sets yoga therapy apart from traditional yoga teaching is the focus on tailoring the experience to the specific needs of one person, or to address the most commonly experienced aspects of a specific condition in a small-group setting. 

In a yoga class (which certainly might facilitate wellness and health), there is no detailed evaluation before and after session work begins. Group yoga does not include intake and consideration of the unique needs of the group or individual coming to the experience. The teacher organizes a shared yoga experience that might use some of the same tools as a therapeutic practice, but not with the explicit intention of creating a therapeutic encounter for the member or members of a group.


However, in Yoga Therapy, these elements are essential to the process. Although many yoga teachers may in fact possess similar skills, training, and share the same knowledge base appropriate to provide yoga therapeutic interventions, certified yoga therapist – as a part of their unique training background and expertise – have familiarity with creating protocols and wellness interventions utilizing a wider spectrum of traditional yoga objectives. These tools are not typically shared in the more limited scopes of service and time frames of group sessions. As a result, many yoga therapist are more skilled with integrating their practices within the modern healthcare context – if not being directly included in integrative and/or complementary medical settings. 


PLEASE NOTE: Because of the nature of this work, a more detailed understanding of your specific reasons for requesting the service are required prior to the first session, or as your first session. This can be arranged over the phone, as well if you would prefer. Once your objectives about what you want to work on are clear, a tailored program can be created with you in mind.

What sets yoga therapy apart from traditional yoga teaching is the focus on tailoring the experience to the specific needs of individuals, or to address the most commonly...
Private Yoga Therapy
1 h 30 min

Private Group Yoga Therapy (Online Offering)

A targeted group intervention and educational experience with pre-planned programing to address the main concerns at the levels of the physical body, breathe, energetics, emotional perspective, and cognitive framework most commonly experienced.

Private Somatic Yoga (Online Offering)

Somatic movement is a way of re-introducing you to your body through simplified movement and awareness of sensation.


When you move well, it translates indirectly to other areas of your life. Moving well is connected to feeling well, breathing well, and ultimately thinking in innovative ways. 


In this 75 minute program of basic yoga and somatic principles, you will explore movement, breath, and the underlying habitual thoughts that foster your motivation.

Have you ever noticed, your muscles tend to tighten right back up within a few hours post-yoga class or workout? Have you ever wondered why? Have you ever injured yourse...
Private Somatic Yoga On-line
1 h 15 min
Pioneered by Thomas Hanna, this work reduces, or may even eliminate chronic neuromuscular tension. Hanna Somatic Educators (HSE) support this by reminding you how it feel...
Hanna Somatic Education
1 h 15 min

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Bookings of less than 48 hours are non-refundable. Please contact me in order to get the studio address, take a moment to discuss your needs, and perform a quick self-assessment to support the work we can do together.