“Conscious movement supports functioning better in the world. Whether you are moving with Yoga, Tai Chi, dance, bodywork, or just moving through your thoughts, it all requires intentionality.”

 Read About First Person Healing Arts Studio 

The mission of First Person Healing Arts is to provide a natural space for sharing yogic and other consciousness-based movement disciplines that foster wellness, peace of mind, personal development, and spiritual transcendence. 


I affirm those interested in learning how the "yogic" lifestyle and vision of wholeness can integrate body, mind, and spirit by offering individualized private yoga as a therapeutic aid, core emphasis groups focusing on particular issues, and workshops for the public at large.


The lived embodied experience serves as the essential source for all transformation, all learning, and all pleasure. The primary intent is to support people in deep attunement to the wealth of intelligence already available to them, via the first-person perspective lensed through traditional practices rooted in the Yoga tradition, Tai Chi and Taoist practices, Somatic bodywork, Butoh, and any number of meditative traditions.

Mission Statement:

I work with both individuals and specialty groups. My passion is supporting people interested in learning about the ability to take back control of their bodies, to foster quick changes in mental attitude, reduce chronic muscular pain, and develop quality comfortable movement.