Per Erez has practiced and studied conscious-movement for most of his life. The inspiration for this grew intuitively from things that felt good personally and seemed like “the next best thing that called to his desire.” 

He’s accredited to faciitate in numerous wellness disciplines such as Yoga Therapy, Tai Chi Chi’h, Nosara Pranassage, Somatic Yoga, and several meditation forms.


His practice is informed by a background in yoga teacher training, initially at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health where he supported, and staffed teacher training's as an assistant for numerous YTT’s programs in the late 90s. He went on to do similar work and mentor teachers both for Kriplau and at Chicago regional locations, like Global Yoga Center, before taking a co-director of teacher training's position with Eight Limbs Yoga Center. He consulted with The Kaivalyadhama Ashram of India in implementing a training program in the US, and currently, supports the 300-hour advanced level training for Rising Lotus Healing Center in the Chicago suburbs, directed by Gabriel Halpern.

He fell in love with the Butoh style of Japanese dance having studied with several international professional teachers within that tradition, and over the last few years, started non-professional dance performance. These physical imagings are a direct out-cropping of his theatre performance background in college and graduate-level work in the Humanities.

He mentored with Dr. Rudy Ballentine in North Carolina extensively studying Tantra, Ayurveda, and TCM and Eleanor Criswell of the Novato Institute for Somatic Education in Northern California. Other notable teaching influences include Hannah Hedricks, Steven Cope, Russill Paul, Amba & Don Stapleton, and Joseph & Lillian LePage, amongst others.

Erez has worked in yoga centers, corporations, health clubs, hospitals, and social service agencies, including a stint with Oprah Winfrey and royal members of the House of Saud. Currently, he works in private practice primarily.

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