What is G-SYME?

Reawaken your sensory memory with  Group Somatic Yoga Movement Exploration.  In a weekly 90-minute practice, you explore movement, breath, and some of the underlying habitual thoughts that inform your movement motivations, intentions, and desires.  

Why practice G-SYME?

Most people assume our brain evolved for us to think.  The simpler truth is we evolved to move; thinking is simply a wonderful benefit that emerged from the process!  Movement is the basis for all learnings unfolding.  But as we become adults and move through the modern world, we develop Motor Sensory Amnesia (MSA). MSA slowly builds over time, interrupting functionally sound movements that we knew as children, with chronically contracted muscles and dysfunctional movement patterns more often experienced by adults from over-efforting, inactivity, and habituated trauma responses, etc.  Somatic movement is a re-introduction to movement through awareness.  More ease in movement translates into other areas of life. It is connected to feeling well, breathing well, and – ultimately – even thinking in innovative ways. Once you learn how to move well from your somatic center, you can self-select how best to adapt the practices to fit your unique needs.

How do sessions work?

Each session begins with a brief check-in and attunement to support a felt sense for the journey.  You will be invited to share areas of the body that you are aware of, in addition to a planned lesson.  The sessions explore, expand, and provide the experience that everything is connected through the magic of movement. 

Basic self-assessments, using sensory awareness, is regularly encouraged to deepen your connection to your process.  You will be guided to move your mind, to instruct your body how to move. Restoring and strengthening your body-mind connection.

Sessions are offered online via a Zoom link.

What do I need to practice?

A comfortable and relaxing room, preferably with a carpet, blanket, and/or mat, and a pillow if necessary.

A chair may come in handy for occasional seated sequences.

Floor space to walk in to get a sense of your stride and walking patterns.

Program Cost:

Single Class:  $25 paid individually with 24-hour registration via the website to attend.

GSYME Plan Subscriber Offer:  G-SYME monthly subscription at $100 per month, with a two-month minimum commitment and a 7-day free trial. Subscriber benefits include:  1)  Includes receiving audio session recordings; 2) 3 Bonus clinical assessment sessions for most Sunday sessions and once/quarter. Pricing plans are here.

What is G-SYME? Reawaken your sensory memory with Group Somatic Yoga Movement Exploration. In a weekly 90-minute practice, you explore movement, breath, and some of the ...
G-Somatic Yoga & Movement Exploration