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Reawaken your body to movement with Group Somatic Yoga Movement Exploration.  In a weekly formatted 75-minute practice, you explore movement, breath, and some of the underlying tendencies that inform your movement.  

Most people believe our brain is designed for thinking.  The simpler truth is we evolved to move! Thinking is really a wonderful benefit that emerged from the process of moving around in the world.  Movement is the basis for all learning.

Unfortunately, as we become adults and move through the modern world, we develop Motor Sensory Amnesia (MSA). MSA slowly builds up over time, interrupting our movement capability that we knew as children. Our muscular freedom gets reduced by chronic contracted muscles and dysfunctional patterns learned just to get us through our hectic days.  

Somatic movement is a re-introduction to who we could be through awareness of how we move.  More ease in movement translates to feeling, breathing, and living well, and – ultimately – even thinking in innovative ways. Once you remember how to move well, you can choose how best to adapt practices to fit your unique needs.


Each session begins with:


1)     A body check-in to support a felt sense for the journey.   

The sessions explore, expand, and provide the experience that everything is connected through the magic of movement. 


2)    Self-assessments using self-touch, visualization, 

Proprioception, Interoception, Exteroception are simple techniques regularly encouraged to deepen your relationship to your body and the surroundings around you. This process restores and strengthens the body-mind connection.


3)    Sessions are offered online via Zoom in the comfort of your own space.


 I recommend the following additional considerations:


-A comfortable and relaxing room, preferably with either carpet and/or a mat, blankets, and pillows 


-A folding chair or small stool may come in handy for occasional seated sequences


-Floor space to walk to get a sense of your stride and walking pattern


Program Cost:

1 Single Class:  $25 paid individually with 24-hour registration via the website to attend.


Subscriber Offer: 


Purchasing the program plan at the monthly subscription rate of $100 for 5 sessions rather than the 4 sessions for individual session payments. 


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