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Somatic Metta Meditation

 Somatics-- is the privileged first-person relationship you have with yourself. Whenever you think of as I, or myself, you are thinking somatically-- which includes both your body and mind. A somatic approach is anything that encourages or supports a deep relationship with interiority and flourishing in the outer world. Somatic principles can be used in yoga, tai chi, dance, bodywork, and talk- therapy.


Metta (Lovingkindness) meditation-- is primarily a meditative process, centered on creating a heartfelt connection between you, and those perceived as "Other." Metta, as a practice, invites a deeper embrace with the external world by consciously affirming how the experience of living leads each of us at times to know disappointment, pain, and discouragement. In recognition of this essential life experience, we are all the same. The process can also be approached more from a "positive" standpoint, as well. No matter who you are, few (if any) of us purposely seek out anything other than comfort, ease, and wellness. This is true for those we care about and for ourselves. The Metta process simply, but profoundly expands that circle of care outward.


What could be better than combining these approaches?  

As an introductory gift for visiting my site, this audio practice which I call,  "Somatic Metta Meditation combines the wisdom of both. Enjoy!

Somatic metta meditation introductionPer Erez
00:00 / 01:36
Reclining somatic metta meditationPer Erez
00:00 / 16:13
Somatic metta meditation practicePer Erez
00:00 / 13:07
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