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Hanna Somatic Education

Try a hands on approach to changing your mind about chronic pain.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 250 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

Pioneered by Thomas Hanna, this work reduces, or may even eliminate chronic neuromuscular tension. Hanna Somatic Educators (HSE) support this by reminding you how it feels to love yourself through movement, during daily activities, and provide support where/when you feel "lost in translation" or frustrated, by movements you can't do anymore. The HSE approach addresses individual and groups needs in different formats: A "hands-on" table-based session, facilitated by a trained professional offers clinical protocols as interventions to address Motor-Sensory-Amnesia (MSA). MSA exists when the body-mind is fuzzy or disconnected in movement. MSA accounts for much of the discomfort, pain, and poor movement quality because we have stopped thinking about how we use ourselves. There are also small group sessions. Groups foster self-exploration, and regular maintenance movements for the whole body, where the individual work specifically targets persistent chronic needs- in addition to providing a global perspective of wellness through conscious movement. HSE may also be applied to chair-based sessions with common postural tendencies. All format structures address functional neuromuscular issues efficiently, because they are based on the study of mammalian neuroscience, movement function, and anatomy. The cornerstone of these features is the use of the pandicular response. Essentially, a chronically constricted muscle is an ineffective and unhealthy muscle. By consciously bringing attention to tight muscles, and contracting them slightly more than they already are, we can release the stuck contraction. This re-sets the tone of the muscle voluntarily. Balanced muscle tone supports healthy bones and better joint capsule alignment. Tone in the somatic nervous system-- which controls all the muscles-- supports better peripheral and central nervous systems. Mental clarity provided by this, allows for better balance between the "activation" and "rest/rejuvenate" cycles of the systems, which in turn can even out the hormonal systems. While this approach works from the vantage point of neuroscience and the neuromuscular system, we understand that the whole soma (individual experience of the living process), or body-mind complex, is one experience. Common conditions such as pain in the back, neck, shoulders, hips, limited mobility, poor posture, shallow breathing, uneven leg length, headaches, stiff or painful joints typically find relief using this approach.

Cancellation Policy

Bookings of less than 48 hours are non-refundable. Please contact me in order to get the studio address, take a moment to discuss your needs, and perform a quck self-assessment to support the work we can do together.

Contact Details

  • Chicago, IL, USA

    + 773-209-3739

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