"If you move with pain, you essentially teach your brain that it is not safe to move!"

Hanna Somatic Education (HSE), sometimes also referred to as Hanna somatics, neuromuscular education, or clinical Somatics, is a discipline concerned with integrating mind and body. Although the body and mind may be thought of as different experiences, deconstructing them diminishes what it means to be human. Each person, rather than being regarded as having a body, is understood to be a soma. The soma is essentially the individual body as experienced from the inside. It represents a person's unique experience. The soma endows each particular body with its unique individuality. From the somatic framework, all life's meaning comes from this unique perspective. In language, the words- I, me, and mine indicate the first-person perspective. They are the natural expressions of the soma acting in the world. While we all have bodies, an individual soma is a living process in motion, and no two are ever the same. Even an individual soma exists as an energetic field constantly in flux from moment to moment.