The "Magic Fix" vs. Somatic Pyramid

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Why hacking your self may not provide the long term results you want in movement goals

There are so many aspects to somatic movement education worth a more in-depth discussion. Here, I share a common approach used for raw beginners that illustrates a different viewpoint than what commonly makes headlines for how to address stuck movement potential, discomfort, and pain. This idea makes somatic approaches to movement, in my experience, a really unique way to develop skills.

Typically movement cultures rely heavily on what I call the "magic fix." Magic fix shows up very early as a means to learn a sequence of movements. I have seen this approach utilized numerous times over the years, couched in different guises. Ultimately, every one boils down to what I refer to as "magic fix" thinking. And to be clear, I have certainly used it, and it does have some merits.

Mostly, magic fix thinking asks the following kinds of questions, "What is the one movement, technique, muscle group, etc., necessary to learn or achieve a particular movement goal?"